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Upcrafted Speakers by Transparent Sound

Upcrafted Speakers by Transparent Sound
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Handcrafted by DRY Studios in Stockholm from solid ash wood. Limited UPCRAFTED Edition of 10 unique and numbered pieces.

This speaker was handcrafted by fine carpenter Calle Hansson at DRY Studios in Stockholm. In an attempt to bring the realms of technology and fine craftwork together we initiated this collection we call UPCRAFTED. Making loudspeakers out of wood has a long tradition, but we wanted to see if this material could be further elevated and celebrated in the design. Fine carpentry is normally used in furniture, but here it makes up the cabinet. The joining methods are high precision, purely artistic if you ask us, and very much in line with the attention to detail our speakers represent in general.

Calle have used solid Swedish ash wood and angled cuts to join the panels together. The woods natural pattern flows around the product since the same pieces has been carfully cut and refitted to form the cabinet. The box is treated with hard wax oil and a bit of white pigment, and the artwork lasered on the front. We are deeply impressed by Calles’ handcraft, and we see this work as the reinvention of a wood speaker.

The Wood speaker can be seen and heard live at DRY Studios on Upplandsgatan 36 in Stockholm.About DRY StudiosDRY is founded by Johan Fredlund and Jenny Kästel Tavassoli, both originally art directors. They have worked together since 2004 in various ways and together they founded DRY Creative Projects in 2011 with the ambition to fill it with various project that would stretch beyond the boundaries of a traditional ad agency. DRY Creative Projects gave the freedom to create new own brands and projects within graphic design, interiors, clothes and furniture. Collaborations have become a big part of the creative projects and now the latest one is launched with Transparent Sound. An inspiring project about design and lifestyle, that moves between different areas and together create new expressions.

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