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UPQ me01 Electric Bike

UPQ me01 Electric Bike
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Do you want to enjoy all the fun parts of owning a bike, but worry about the inevitable fuel expenses and the general challenges of owning a super heavy vehicle? Fret no more, as the UPQ me01 Electric Bike solves all those problems. This ultra-lightweight bike runs completely on electricity and can fold up into a compact size, making it easy to transport. Electric cars and bikes are all the rage in Japan right now, and this is a chic example by Tokyo-based start-up UPQ. Ideal for solo riders, the navy blue UPQ me01 Electric Bike includes a digital monitor recording your data, a four-gear shift, and a USB port for you to plug in your smartphone or other electronic device. The bike is also designed so it’s easy to attach an action sports camera, allowing you to record thrilling shots as you ride around town.

The UPQ me01 Electric Bike features:
Suitable for one rider (up to 120kg, 265 lbs)
Easy to fold up and transport
Power: electric (lithium ion battery), 36V/316.8Wh

Charging time: around 3.5 hours for a full charge
Size: 1,220 x 610 x 985mm (48 x 24 x 39″)
Weight: 18kg (40 lbs)
Distance on a single charge: up to 35km (22 miles)
Camera not included
Instructions: Japanese

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