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Urban Kick Luggage Scooter by OLAF

Urban Kick Luggage Scooter by OLAF
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The best riding experience is based on a wooden platform and cleverly designed steering system with a special high carbon front axis that absorbs road bumps. The advanced steering system allows sharp turns while still handling great speeds.

Instant pedal transformation system from all 4 functionalities:
Backpack: Ergonomically designed, fully incorporated within the URBAN chassis, and instantly removable backpack; added hidden wheel cover pockets to keep your back clean when worn as backpack.
Kick Scooter: Wooden deck and flexible curving based steering system,

SKATEBOARD: Three large and narrow wheels and high quality bearings.
Trolley: Long double telescopic handlebar and sturdy chassis.
Urban Platform: If you are particularly attached to your old backpack/case/purse, you can mount it onto the URBAN platform via a specially developed system.

Safety: Safe rear wheel brake; large reflective patches guarantee visibility at night.
Sustainability: The majority of the parts are made by our team or our local partners, from the aluminum welded chassis to the wooden decks made from locally sourced wood.
Dimensions: 80 cm (31.5″) * 29 cm (11.5″) * 20 cm (7.9″)

Volume (luggage space): 26 L (880 oz)
Mass (backpack + kick scooter): 3.5 kg (7 lbs)
Mass (backpack): 1.1 kg (2 lbs)
Max load: 120 kg (264 lbs)
Wheels: PU based; front: 110 mm (4.3″), rear: 2 * 72 mm (2 * 2.8″);
ABEC 7 bearings

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