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Utopia Bedding Furniture and Bed Risers

Utopia Bedding Furniture and Bed Risers
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  • The set includes 4 anti-slip foam pads for the top and 4 anti-slip rubber pads for the bottom of the risers
  • Each of the 8 risers provides an elevation of up to 2 inches and is able to lift 10,000 lbs altogether
  • Bed risers are constructed using the highest quality plastic which makes it capable of holding up the heaviest of weights. Fits with most bed frames including the Zinus Lottie bed frame.
  • These risers provide storage space by elevating the bed with stackable option and anti-slip padding which ensures safety
  • These risers can be used for multiple lifting purposes with the likes of raising furniture, desks, sofas, beds, etc; It provides storage space while protecting your furniture and floor
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