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Vac-o-Way Central Vacuum Attachment

Vac-o-Way Central Vacuum Attachment
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The idea was born out of frustration with having to drag out the heavy central vacuum hose and attachments to remove the abundance of dirt and hair that our dog sheds constantly. The hose would get covered in hair and it was hard to get it all off and keep the floors clean. Upon switching to a dry mop a new problem arose with having to shake out and properly clean off the dry mop head. The solution to the problem was conceived and multiple prototypes, each with incremental improvements, were built and have been working GREAT for more than six months. We did a patent search and found that it was a patentable device and proceeded to get a patent pending on the Vac-O-Way. We have privately funded the search, patent application, name registration, and business licensing. We have ascertained the domains and and are currently in the process of building the site.

At this time we are moving towards mass production of the Vac-o-Way utilizing injection mold technology. This technology requires a large capital investment to build the molds and the goal of this kickstarter campaign is to raise these funds. Once the production grade product is available, positioning us to fulfill orders, we will launch our website and advertising/marketing campaigns. This product is a MUST HAVE accessory for every central vacuum system and our goal is to get it into the hands of central vacuum system owners throughout North America.

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