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VAGO Portable Vacuum Device Kit

VAGO Portable Vacuum Device Kit
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VAGO is a portable vacuum device and unique gadget which is specially designed for the traveler in you!

By using VAGO to compress clothes, bags and other soft items in the luggage, travelers can save more than 50% of baggage space for carrying even more luggage and souvenirs. Yes, we heard you – nobody wants to leave things behind!
Forget about the hassle of packing your suitcase and spending a lot of time and energy. VAGO is compact and lightweight like an egg, and the icing is that it also equipped with a smart sensor to detect pressure.
The smart VAGO will be able to stop automatically while the items are compressed sufficiently thereby being autonomous, saving time and energy!

VAGO can be powered by a conventional mobile power bank on the go, or using a phone charger to power up wherever you are.

Travel Smart with VAGO and have more luggage space!

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