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Vaprwear Black Tailgater Pro Pullover Hoodie

Vaprwear Black Tailgater Pro Pullover Hoodie
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The Tailgater Pro hoodie is a weekend machine.

A zippered, neoprene-lined sleeve at the top of the kangaroo pocket keeps a drink cold or zippers closed as a totally secure, easily accessed pocket to hold a phone, ID, debit card, keys…whatever you don’t want bulging in your regular pockets. An attached metal bottle opener is, well, just a total boss feature.

Our patented Drawstring™ vapor delivery system keeps the mouthpiece within reach, and the pen hidden and protected to prevent loss or damage. It’s compatible with virtually every vape cartridge, e-cigarette and now, many closed pod systems like JUUL®, Pax Era®, blu® and others.

Constructed from soft, breathable cotton/poly blend that resists shrinkage, the Tailgater Pro is professional grade.

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Our patented Drawstring™ vapor delivery system is now vape ready, meaning it’s compatible with virtually every vape cartridge. Vape pen sold separately.

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