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Variocage Crash Tested Dog Cage

Variocage Crash Tested Dog Cage
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Variocages are constructed of steel to meet the highest level of safety, and they are the only crates on the market that are built to meet the demands of a rear-end collision. They are flexible enough to absorb impact, but strong enough to retain their shape. Variocages are carefully crafted so that no feature on the crate can hurt the dog. In addition, they are designed with an escape door in the rear so that you can get your dog out of either side of the crate in the event of an accident.

The cages are also absolutely silent-there’s no rattling or other noises. All models are equipped with tie-down straps for securing to cargo anchor points, a rubber carpet, and safety locks (keys included).

The quality of these crates is incredible; they are designed to last a lifetime. The Mim Variocage dog crate is constructed with telescopic tubes and a roof and floor that is separated into two parts, which allows you to adjust the depth. This adjustability feature is also a crash safety (crumple zone) feature.

In a collision from behind, the floors, ceilings and the telescopic tubes will be pushed together and this crumple zone reduces the risk that those who sit in the back seat or up against the crate, get hurt. When Mim crash-tested a regular steel cages with a solid frame model of cage, it broke the back seat. Vario Cage has crumple zones, just like a car, which means that it will deform upon impact. Vario cage can save your life and your dog’s!

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