VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot
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  • INTERACTIVE MOVEMENT WITH TREAT REWARDING: Do you hate leaving your pet home alone all day? We do too, which is why we designed a solution to provide your pet with companionship while you are away. This robotic toy plays with your pet by zooming around the room and rewards their interaction by dispensing treats. This eliminates the sadness, loneliness, and stress that they feel when you’re gone, which in turn helps decrease accidents and messes while promoting healthy activity.
  • ENCOURAGES ACTIVITY & FITNESS: Physical activity for your pet is important because it keeps their body strong and stimulates their mind. This robot is especially effective because you are able to track your pet’s fitness statistics! For overweight cats or dogs, exercise is especially important because it decreases their risk of developing weight-related disorders. When your pet is healthy, they are not only happier, but it also means fewer visits to the vet, saving you time and money.
  • DURABLE IN DESIGN: This pet fitness robot is durable and made to last. It is made of poly-carbonate material and is easy to clean. The toy has also passed and IPX4 water spray test, it can hold up to tough chewers and can get a little wet. This electronic toy is able to drive over a variety of indoor surfaces allowing your pet to enjoy the toy in different environments.
  • CONVENIENT SCHEDULING & EASY TO CONTROL: By using the mobile smartphone application, you can manage play time, toss counts, sleep time, and more! The app allows you to manually control the robot for direct play as well as with pre-set motions. It also has a built-in scheduling system that allows you to develop activities based on an analysis of your pet’s needs, environments and health conditions. Through its auto-play function, you can set up with schedules and create new experiences.
  • VERSATILITY AND AI DRIVING: The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot application is available for both Android and Apple devices. Its AI automatic driving capability ensures optimal engagement with your pet and allows it to navigate different spaces. Our patent-pending, revolutionary design allows the toy to sense different elements in its surroundings, your pet’s strengths and rewards your pet’s interactions.
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