Vegan Makeup Zero Waste Makeup Vegan Foundation Natural

Vegan Makeup  Zero Waste Makeup  Vegan Foundation  Natural
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100% Natural Mineral Foundation Powder, Gluten-Free and Vegan Makeup Zero Waste Options Available. Sizes available are: Plastic: Sample Pod (approximately 0.5 gram of powder) 5-gram jar (approximately 1 gram of powder) 10-gram jar (approximately 2 grams of powder) 20-gram jar (approximately 4 grams of powder) 30-gram jar (approximately 7.5 grams of powder) Zero/Low Waste Options: Refill Bag – Small Plastic Zip Bag – Low Waste (approximately 12 grams of powder) 0.25 oz Glass Jar (4 net grams of powder) 0.50 oz Tin Jar (5.6 net grams of powder) Get a flawless look when you use our 100% natural mineral foundation. Use our makeup primer first to get the best results. Our foundation is for all skin types: dry, sensitive or acne prone. It will leave your face soft and smooth. We use only natural ingredients: Titanium Dioxide (non nano), Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Oxide (non nano), Kaolin Clay, Mica and Iron Oxides. We currently offer our Foundation Powder in 9 different shades: (Lightest to Darkest) Fairly Light (Very Fair/Light Complexion) Fair (Fair/Light Complexion) Fairly Beige (Fair Complexion) Medium Beige (Light to Medium Light Complexion) Medium (Medium Light to Medium Complexion) Tan (Medium Complexion) Light Dark (Medium to Medium Dark Complexion Medium Dark (Medium Dark Complexion) Dark (Medium Dark to Dark Complexion) Follow us on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Website:

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