Vegan Not Vegan Game

Vegan Not Vegan Game
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Trying to go vegan? The supermarket is now a minefield. You’d be surprised and disheartened to find out how many of your favourite products contain the cruel harvests of animal agriculture. But then you remember how good chocolate digestives are, and all is forgiven. There’s a distinct smug thrill in knowing what products are deceptively vegan friendly – and you can finally show off your knowledge in this hilarious card game. Whether you’re a card-carrying carnivore or veritable vegan, you’ll have a laugh guessing whether your favourite treats contain animal products or not. Seriously, you’d be surprised. Here’s a taster: Oreos are vegan! Mental. Guaranteed to be 10 times more fun than dragging all your mates to the supermarket to inspect the Quorn cocktail sausages.

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