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Velvet Car Wrap

Velvet Car Wrap
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Velvet Elite Wrap 9100 is a self adhesive PVC film with a unique velvet aspect especially designed for Car Wrapping. The product is sold by roll – width 1,52m (60 inches). Different lengths are available :

1,52m x 25m (60in x 27,3yd)

1,52m x 20m (60in x 21,9yd)
1,52m x 15m (60in x 16,4yd)
For your information, a 20m roll will cover a standard size car.

Your car, dressed up by Velvet Cars, resists to rain, snow, mud, intense sunlight, frequent washing, hydrocarbons etc. Moreover, the film provides a better soundproofing of the cabin. Acoustic comfort and enhances the life inside your vehicle.

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