Vertical Business Card Holder Desk Decor Office Decor Desk

Vertical Business Card Holder  Desk Decor Office Decor Desk
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This business card holder is 100% handmade and full of character that will bring together your place of work. Each business card holder comes with a beautiful air plant that will surround you with nature and bring originality to your office. Vertical Business Card Holder, Desk Decor, Office Decor, Recipe Card Holder With Air Plant, Upcycled, 1 Character Personalized. This business card holder is handmade from the discarded cuttings of pine 2″1/2 w, 2″1/2 l, 1″1/2 h approximate wood pieces in my workshop. This wood card holder, although a simple design, makes a statement. The cradle design can hold an abundance of cards vertically while giving easy access too them. They make great recipe card holders in kitchen, and they would also display a small photo, piece of art, or a special note very well. It holds 40 cards or more. The plant may vary in type and size. Four colors: red oak, golden oak, ebony, and honey maple. one personalized character Instructions: Do not put your air plants in soil or let them sit in water for extended periods of time. They get their water and nutrients through their leaves, not their roots. Provide bright, but indirect light. Indirect sunlight is best, but indoor lighting also works. Soak your air plants once a week and they should thrive, i like to get the plant thoroughly wet, then i shake off the excess water and let them dry. Filtered water or rainwater is best, but municipal water with chlorine can be harmful.

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