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Vertical Hydroponic Garden Tower

Vertical Hydroponic Garden Tower
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The Foody 8 Hydroponic Tower is our ideal system for outdoor hydroponic growing. Each growing pod has 8 planting pockets and there are 8 pockets for net pots in the base providing 40 total planting locations. Towers include both anti-oxidant and UV reduction elements that help reduce algae formation. No need for messy potting soil. Small clay balls (Hydroton, Plant!t) or other growing mediums may be used. Growing pods are attached to base on ball bearings, allowing the pods to rotate easily for optimum light exposure (rotate either manually or automatically with an optional drive system).

HOW IT WORKS: This system encourages rapid plant growth by circulating water and nutrients from the base reservoir through the growing pods which hold the plants. (Note: It is not necessary to use net pots in the planting pockets of the growing pods.) WHERE TO GROW: This tower system is suited for outdoor as well as indoor use. We advise using the Foody 8 outdoors if you live in hot climates (where temperatures regularly exceed 85 F). The large planting pockets and large volume of growing medium effectively insulates the plants. The optimum water temperature for plant growth is 65-75 F. SYSTEM INCLUDES: magnetic drive pump, all piping and tubing, 4 growing pods, a base tank with two access lids, quick assembly guide, Foody hydroponic growing guide, outdoor certified electronic timer, emitter, 8 net pots (for base reservoir lid placement), and 8 rope wicks (for base net pots)

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