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Vestax VCI-380 DJ Controller

Vestax VCI-380 DJ Controller
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The Vestax VCI 380 is a 2 channel DJ MIDI controller with a built in Digital DJ mixer. Powerful and creative, it opens the door to limitless possibilities of controllerism. Every feature of the VCI 380 is optimized to enhance the DJ’s performance and take a new approach in manipulating music. Designed to work hand in hand with Serato, VCI 380 is bundled with ITCH, providing an arsenal of musical craft tools with perfect integrity, straight out of the box. The 2 x 8 banks of FSR trigger pads on the VCI 380 are jam packed with creative performance modes.

With the given features you can trigger cue points, samples, loops, slice up beats, and shoot off Pad FX together. The jog wheels on the VCI 380 have an advanced structure and larger platters for extra stability and smoothness. The LED needle point embedded in the jog wheel provides excellent visual monitoring, indicating the deck’s playback position.

The torque of the jog wheels can be adjusted to your preference, and you can pitch bend the track by touching the sides of the jog wheels. The stand alone mixer function of the VCI 380 has great capacity for adaptability. The two hybrid channels are capable of mixing external devices such as CD players, turntables and MP3 players, together with tracks and samples from Serato ITCH.

Each channel has an RCA Phono/Line input for limitless connection options, and the crossfader and input faders curve can be adjusted like any DJ mixer. Mixes with the input source can be tweaked with Trim and EQ, and the FX knobs on each channel function as Hi Pass filters to add an extra touch to your performance.

The built in 24Bit/48kHz audio interface features BIT Perfect audio powered by a studio grade asynchronous USB streaming system. This advanced technology provides low latency, premium sound quality and outputs your mix at its true clarity. Some say seeing is believing. For the VCI 380, listening is believing.

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