VibraCool® Oscillice Cryotherapy

VibraCool® Oscillice Cryotherapy
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  • RELIEVES PAIN ON CONTACT – Our patented frequency plus freeze-solid ice and compression work fast!
  • FOOT PAIN RELIEF – Portable, powerful, immediate relief for plantar fasciitis, gout, plantar wart pain, bunion and heel spur pain.
  • RESTRICTED MOTION & MUSCLE TENSION – FDA-Cleared to treat myofascial pain caused by trigger points, restricted motion and muscle tension.
  • AWARD-WINNING FOR PAIN – Led by a physician and world-recognized pain expert, Pain Care Labs is the industry leader in pain relief therapy (Frost & Sullivan, 2017).
  • DECREASE USE OF OPIOIDS & POST-OPERATIVE DRUGS – Physical problems require physical solutions. Increase blood flow, decrease spasm, pain & inflammation.
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