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Victoria Wallet ALU

Victoria Wallet ALU
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Victoria Wallet – ALU The coolest wallet for minimalists and artists. Slim, light, stylish and easy to use. The Victoria Wallet fits in almost every pocket without any problems. Up to 15 creditcards, notes or bills can be stashed in the wallet smoothly. The wallet is made of two pulvercoated Aluminium plates. The plates are connected with a flexible and durable rubberband.

Choose between several colors. Organization has never been that cool! How it works: Open the Victoria Wallet by pulling both Aluminium plates to the sides. Insert a card, note or bill into the wallet, so that the card, note or bill is between both Aluminium plates. Now turn the wallet around and open it from the other side. The inserted card, note or bill is now stashed under the durable rubberband safely. You can click the video above to find additional information how the wallet works exactly.

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