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Vintage Beer Bottle Sconce

Vintage Beer Bottle Sconce
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This industrial style lamp is constructed from heavy-duty black iron piping. The vintage bottles are firmly secured by a custom rubber gasket that secures the bottle without causing damage.

A low wattage bulb is used to illuminate the vintage bottle producing a warm ambient glow.

A rotating faucet handle serves as a switch to turn the light on and off.

Power is supplied by a retro style cloth covered lamp cord and plug.

This sconce lamp comes with a flange for wall mounting and is also compatible with a standard electrical box.

Each of these brewery bottles dates back to the pre-prohibtion era (usually between 1890-1919). They are very heavy duty with ornate embossing and plenty of stories to tell.

In addition, they take the time to polish the outside of each bottle as well as sandblast the inside in order to diffuse the intensity of the light and provide a nice even glow!

Each of the beer bottle lamps comes complete with a brief historical summary of the featured brewery.

-Number of bulbs: 2
-15 Watt
-Cord length: 3′
-Socket: Candelabra
-Installation required

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