Vintage Indian Masks Make Indian Masks Vintage Masks Cut

Vintage Indian Masks  Make Indian Masks Vintage Masks Cut
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Wonderful vintage 1989 book of masks to cut out & make, contains eight masks based on authentic native American Indian designs in brilliant color. Easy to put together, these masks represent a variety of intriguing ceremonial disguises with purposes as varied as their design — in dance ceremonies, to honor or make contact with ancestors or supernatural beings, in curing the sick and teaching tribe traditions to young members. These colorful masks are ideal for use as attention-getting visual aids, in social studies classes, and are perfect for parties & school plays. Complete, easy to follow instructions enable even beginning papercrafters — with ordinary household glue & scissors to cut out & assemble these fascinating masks. This book is an original Dover 1989 publication, not a reproduction, 16 color plates with introduction & instructions. 35 pages, heavy stock, excellent condition, some white lines on front cover spine from opening & closing book, no creases, rips or tears.

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