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Vital 24 Dome Shelter

Vital 24 Dome Shelter
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Frame: Standard .922″ galvanized steel frame with hardware
Top Cap: 18.8oz Poly vinyl cover (8+ year UV life protection)
Dome Shell: 18.8oz Poly vinyl cover (8+ year UV life protection)
One Door: Weather-tight, zip door
Windows: 4 large, weather resistant, zippered windows

Anchoring: 45 heavy duty, stainless steel grommet tie-downs
Storage Bags: 5 Strut Bags including Door Assembly kit, 3 Shell/Top Cap Bags and 1 Hardware Bags
Instructions: Dome care & assembly
Vital 24 / Self-Assembly Geodesic Emergency Shelter Give yourself the comfort of a Geodesic Dome Tent by Vital Domes; we are revolutionizing the way Geodesic tents are done.

With over 425 square feet of usable floor area you’ll have ample room to sleep 8 to 14 adults plus have space for your gear, wood stove, a days worth of wood, kitchenette, children’s play area and seating.
The Vital 24′ Deluxe uses a 5/8 structure, which allows for a near vertical, 8 foot wall from the floor before it begins to angle. This design also raises the roof from 9 feet to 14 feet 2 inches allowing for an even roomier, more comfortable, non claustrophobic experience.

To make setup easy and to ensure the longevity of our dome covering, our covers are fitted and come in 2 sections which zip together using storm resistant, UV protected, #10 YKK zippers. Most dome tents require pulling the cover over the top of the dome, risking potential tears and friction wear, which can greatly reduce the cover’s lifespan.

The cover’s sections are:
1) Top Cap – The top three rows of the dome tent are covered with heavy duty, 18.8oz, American made, poly vinyl material similar to our competitions. This fabric is very strong and able to support a significant snow load, moderate hail and is 100% waterproof. It has a life expectancy of 8+ years of direct UV exposure.
2) Dome Shell – The bottom two rows are also covered with heavy duty, 18.8oz, American made, poly vinyl which also makes it highly water repellent and mildew resistant. This fabric, when properly cared for can last 25+ years and has a direct UV life expectancy of 8+ years.
The two-section covers are strong, puncture resistant and weather resistant!

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