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Vocabulary Ninja

Vocabulary Ninja
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Vocabulary Ninja combines the history of words and the science of memory into one powerful program that will expand your English vocab.

What is Vocabulary Ninja?

Vocabulary Ninja is a course designed to help improve and expand an English language learner’s active vocabulary by thousands of words in just a few hours.

Here’s a link to a sample copy of the first chapter and the flash cards that go with it:

How does Vocabulary Ninja work?

The book, flash cards and course itself are designed to focus primarily on Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and root words. While English teachers sometimes passively advise students to study root words, none have noticed the dramatic increase in vocabulary comprehension once a student applies their knowledge to new words. For example, once you know that:

gen = produce

Generate, generation, degenerate, biogenetics, carcinogen, engender, indigenous, pathogen, progeny, genetics, gender, genocide

All of these examples have something to do with “produce”.

Vocabulary Ninja is the first systemized program to organize only the most useful of all root words – 54 prefixes, 44 suffixes, and 131 root words — into a structured course designed to build your vocabulary and keep these words in your head forever.

The goal of the Vocabulary Ninja Course is simple:

Our mission is to get English Language Learners to rely less on their dictionary and more on their mind.

The course is designed around the idea that words can be defined through the awareness of root words and context clues. Besides roots, this course also addresses other aspects of language learning like goal setting, memory techniques, smart study habits and how to read in context. The program provides students with an arsenal of knowledge on how memory and motivation work, so students can take these tools and use them in their future studies.

What’s the calendar/schedule?

The most important event will be held on Sunday, February 12, 2017, where the course will be filmed throughout the day.

Only 8 lucky pledges of at least $200 will be able to attend this event and take part in the filming.

After February 12th, the Vocabulary Ninja Course will go into post production:

March 1st, 2017, The Vocabulary Ninja Handbook and Flashcards will be completed and available for download

April 1st, 2017, The Vocabulary Ninja Website and online course will be completed and ready for consumption.

Contributions for the Vocabulary Ninja Course will go to fund the cost of filming, hiring a videographer, an editor, time spent creating the materials and the cost of renting a space.

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