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vSpin/Spiegelau Active Wine Decanter

vSpin/Spiegelau Active Wine Decanter
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When only the best will do, vSpin’s award winning superior design, elegance & performance is combined to outperform any other decanters or one size fits all wine pump aerators, when science and wine are combined vSpin’s performance beats all.
By bottle or glass get the Ultimate Flavor, Aroma, Bouquet and Full Bloom from your favorite wine with Varietal Specific vSpin.

Normally you spend hours properly decanting and aerating wine. vSpin electric wine aerating decanter creates a vortex of the wine rapidly pulling in fresh air. In minutes you are enjoying the full bouquet, aroma, bloom and softened tannins of your wine, great when entertaining or friends and family drop by, amazing !
vSpin is VARIETAL SPECIFIC allowing wine to breathe with Speed and time controlled technology. Oxygenates the wine in a perfect aeration process. You get a smoother, deeper, complex taste. 100% WOW !
vSpin Lead Free Crystal Decanter is made and hand assembled in Germany by world renowned Spiegelau.

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