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W Art Print by Alessandro Pautasso

W Art Print by Alessandro Pautasso
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Alessandro Pautasso aka Kaneda is a photographer, graphic designer, and illustrator based out of Turin. His collection “Abstract Colors” is a stunning example of his talent in vector art and mixed media. From Marilyn Monroe to John Wayne, Alessandro’s use of neon colors and abstract shapes revives the spirits of some of the most influential and beloved stars of all time. His illuminated artworks can be found in many publications-from magazines to CD covers- and are often shown in exhibitions both in Italy and across Europe.

– Selective

Curioos represents proven artists whose talent propels today’s digital art movement. With respect and knowledge, our team of expert curators carefully selects each proposed artwork. Our curation, coupled with our high production standards, ensures our customers the finest collections of digital artworks available, printed with care and quality materials.

– Guaranteed

As a guarantor of digital art, we use only the finest papers and the latest printing technology available. Each artwork is prepared by hand to ensure that it stays true to the artist’s original vision. Individually numbered, embossed, signed & sent with a certificate of authenticity, our high standards distinguish our products from others in the art printing field.

– Committed

Digital art is created with emotion and intellect. Like every other kind of art, it is a source of expression for both artists and collectors. We support our artists’ diverse forms of creativity, promote their work, and defend their rights. We respect our artists & collectors equally, serving to encourage, inspire, and fueling the digital revolution of the art market.

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