Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

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Wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man. Ahem. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get down to business. Everyone’s favourite marketing tool has been miniaturised (or shrunkled, to use the technical term) down to fit on your desk. Now you can enjoy 18 inches of wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man fun in the comfort of your own home. But does he manically flail just like the real thing? Of course he does, you beautiful fool. This battery powered masterpiece goes all over the place. He’s uncontrollable. Wiggling. Shimmying. Shaking like a toddler after some original recipe Sunny Delight. He wouldn’t be a real wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man without waving and flailing. He’d merely be a wacky inflatable tube man, and that’s no fun at all. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Get your reading glasses out and discover the incredible origins of the wacky, wacky tube man in the fascinating 32-page mini book included with your very own wacky tube man. Yay, education! Fun Fact: This wacky waving tube man wasn’t always known by that name – he was originally called The Tall Boy.

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