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Wall-Mounted Panel Heater with Built-in Thermostat

Wall-Mounted Panel Heater with Built-in Thermostat
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Eco-Heaters are wall-mounted convection space heaters that warm a typical bedroom using only 400 watts of energy. Using the built-in thermostat, the t400 series helps you control the level of heat being produced, allowing the unit to maintain a constant room temperature custom to your liking.

Instead of a noisy fan pushing air around the room, the heater, which measures 23.5″ Square and is mounted about an inch off the wall, uses silent-flow technology to create a convection heat channel between the wall and the unit. Cool air is drawn in at the bottom of the unit, which in turn is warmed and then rises, thus creating silent circulation of warm air throughout the room.

Wall-Mounted ceramic convection heater uses only 400 watts and silent flow technology to pull cool air in and circulate warm air throughout a bedroom
Multiple heaters may be combined to provide warmth to larger spaces
Integrated thermostat allows a constant temperature to be maintained
Easy installation that can typically be completed in about 15 minutes; installation guide and template is provided in packaging
The wall panel can be easily painted with water-based latex paint to match any room decor

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