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Wallet Buckle: The Best Way to Secure Your Cards & ID

Wallet Buckle: The Best Way to Secure Your Cards & ID
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What if you could conveniently store your cards and ID’s within your buckle, and no one would even know if it was even there, because it would look like a standard buckle? People who’ve tested our prototype units always have their ID & credit cards easily available to them. Feedback we’ve gotten: Wallet Buckle is efficient, magic, and cool looking.

Efficiency and Security for events, concerts, sports, and everyday life.

Are you tired of getting your pockets searched by security? Or carrying a big purse to an event when you know you’ll just need your essentials? Losing precious time fishing through your purse or pockets? Leaving your wallet behind at the vendor when you have too much to carry? Do you love sporting events, music events, and going out, but wish you could leave your bulky wallet or purse at home? We all benefit when we wear a Wallet Buckle.

From the Founder: “People don’t want to carry a wallet or purse. Rush in line, hurry up! I’ve left my whole wallet on the counter, I didn’t realize it. People put their card and ID’s in your phone, if you lose that, you’re toast! Having to dig around your purse sucks. Music and sporting events: You don’t want to carry stuff- You’re always getting searched by security. People are looking to simplify their lives. That’s why we created Wallet Buckle.”

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