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Wallet TrackR
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Introducing Wallet Track – Locate anything in seconds using your iPhone or Android.
How Does It Work?

Wallet Track enables you to easily keep track of your items and stay organized. The Wallet Track app runs on your iPhone, iPad, or Android 4.4 device. The app connects to Wallet Track devices that have been be easily slipped inside a wallet or attached to commonly misplaced items such as keys, purses, backpacks, and more. From the app, you can quickly locate any item.
Quickly Locate Misplaced Items

Stop wasting time looking for misplaced items around the house or office. Using the Track app, you can see the distance between yourself & your tracked items. You can also press a button on the app to cause your item to ring. Can’t find your phone? Press the button on the device to cause your phone to ring, which even works if your phone is in silent mode.
Never Forget An Item

Have you ever left your phone behind for the day? With Track, both the device and app will audibly notify you before you leave your items behind. When you become more than 100ft separated from your phone or tracked item, both the phone & device will ring. This setting is completely customizable with custom songs & can be easily disabled
Know Where Your Items Are

Stay organized with a map of where your items are located. The Track app automatically records where you leave your items on a GPS map.
Designed For Wallets

Wallet Track has been uniquely designed for tracking wallets and other items where a slim profile is essential. The Wallet Track device uses crunch proof plastic and has been designed to be comfortable to sit on. The Wallet Track is sweat proof and has gone through extensive drop testing, making this a device that you won’t need to replace


Ultra slim design for wallets – only 4 mm thick
2 year replaceable coin cell battery
App tracks up to 10 Track devices*
Batteries & key ring connector included
iOS Compatibility – iPhone 4s & later, iPad 3rd Generation & later

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