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War in Christmas Village sequels. Tabletop gaming mini

War in Christmas Village sequels. Tabletop gaming mini
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We’ve got two more War in Christmas Village sequels to corrupt your Christmas Village and tabletop games.

In the first sequel, “She Ain’t Havin’ It!” someone or something has been messing with her freshly baked cookies, pies, and fruitcakes, and The Mrs. ain’t havin’ it!

This boxed set of tabletop gaming miniatures includes a crossbow wielding Mrs. Claus, a snow swordsman guardian, three Christmas villager zombies, and a zombie horse named Margaret the mare.

The images below are digital renderings of the 3D sculpts in the next sequel, “Oh Christmas Treent, How Deadly Are Thy Branches?”.

This boxed set includes three workshop elves, three mimicry presents and a large size Christmas Treent to terrorize your holiday hamlet.

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