Waterbird X CLOCK – Mandarin Duck

Waterbird X CLOCK – Mandarin Duck
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Waterbird x Clock- Mandarin Duckhaoshi`s Waterbird x clock – Mandarin duck, a lifelong couples, watching each other in love, move forward together in life, is the best thing a lover can promise.haoshi use elegant image of waterbird sketched out a successful love scenery, red second hand symbolize of lovers synchronized heartbeat, every quiver is love Central Standard time.featurethe Mandarin Duck is the representative of love. It is both a clock and a work of art in the living room. The surface of the resin material can be wiped with a brush or a soft cloth when cleaning.informationsize??w240mm x D130mm x H240mmMaterial??ResinPlace of Origin: TaiwanInstallationMake sure that the giftbox lower left has three pointers, the hour, minute and second hands.1.put the clock on the table, 12 o’clock faces up; take out the pointers from the giftbox.2.install hour hand then the minute hand, and finally the second hand. (Note that gently press to internal with both hands not too tight)3.after fixed, gently adjust the hour, minute and second hand spacing, maintain an appropriate distance.4.ensure that rotation pointers will not be jammed, shall turn the clock knob in a circle; assessing pointers do not get stuck then adjust to local time.5.the adjustment is completed, add the battery.6.attach the installation chart on the wall.pencil marks the three anchor points via the installation chart. 7.Remove the installation chart.8.drill holes on the marks and need to prepare your own drill tools. 9.Put the plastic plugs into the holes. (Please skip this step if applied on the wood wall.)10.fix the screws into the wall in a slightly tilted upward angle. It will avoid the movement sliding out from the wall. 11.Complete the installation by hanging on the clock.attention1. Use general aa alkaline batteries, which we recommend be replaced once every three months.2. Avoid use of powerful batteries as to avoid damaging clock movement.3. Use the hands adjustment knob at the back of mechanism to adjust the time. Please do not use your finger to move the hands directly, for the hands will get loose and cause the incorrect time presentation.

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