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Watermelon Ball Swimming Pool Game

Watermelon Ball Swimming Pool Game
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Have you played Watermelon Ball yet? If not, you are missing out. Please visit our website for more details of this exciting game. Watermelon Ball is a variation of a popular water game played in pools, lakes, and ponds all over the country. Up until this time, the game was played with an actual watermelon fruit. This ball has been designed to look, feel, and float like a watermelon, keeping the tradition of the game; however, the new ball allows for greater intensity of play, increased strategy, and durability.

In addition, the ball can be dribbled like a basketball in the pool and moves through the water allowing for longer underwater passes of up to 10 feet! Ball can be used as an exercise ball in the swimming pool as well! In order for the Watermelon Ball to function properly, the ball must be filled with water and air. Ball comes with filling kit, which includes air and water fill needles. The air fill needle attaches to a standard air pump, and the water fill needle attaches to a standard garden hose.

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