Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker Splash Tunes

Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker Splash Tunes
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  • EASY BUTTONS – Splash Tunes Pro has the easiest buttons to use of any shower speaker on the market. The buttons are DOUBLE the size of any normal shower speaker. You have the ability to play, pause, skip songs, unify volume with your cellphone and the unit itself. It even comes with a built-in microphone for hands-free talking in the shower.
  • COMPATIBILITY – Splash Tunes Pro is Compatible with all iPhones, Androids, and all other smart devices with Bluetooth capabilities. This shower speaker pairs to your phone with ease and easy pairing better shower jamming sessions.
  • WATERPROOF – Splash Tunes Pro is the Perfect Waterproof shower speaker for indoor or Outdoor use. You can simply stick it to your shower wall or guess what you can take it out with you on your next paddleboarding adventure because of the shower speakers durable suction cup. You can pretty much stick this suction cup to any surface.
  • BATTERY LIFE – Splash Tunes Pro has DOUBLE the battery life of an average shower speaker. With this shower speaker you will get 12-14 hours of rocking out. It also does not need batteries this shower speaker is rechargeable via micro USB and can be recharged in under 90 minutes. has, the gives you 12-14 hours of Wireless High Definition Bluetooth 4.0 streaming of Crystal Clear audio giving you a dance party during every shower.
  • BLUETOOTH (4.0) – Splash Tunes Pro streams at the highest wireless definition Bluetooth capabilities, with this kind of streaming you will be listening to crystal clear audio in every single dance party you have in the shower.
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