Waterproof Cotton Canvas Parasols 28 canopy & bamboo

Waterproof Cotton Canvas Parasols 28 canopy & bamboo
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When i moved to the Southwest, i quickly learned that shade was valuable. i wanted something that i could carry for shade for both coolness and sun protection, light and not as imposing as a umbrella. Parasols are the perfect solution. We provide bright colored water resistant parasols for sunny or rainy days, perfect for adding color to weddings, parties, Renaissance Fairs, or just personal protection from the elements. all colors are back in stock. Colors for parasols with wood tip/bonnet: Off-White, Blush (pink), Butter (pale yellow), Magnolia (lite tan), Silver Mist (light silver gray), Sea Mist (light silver green), Limin’ (new tropical lime – photo coming), Honeydew (like the melon), Emerald, Forest (dk green), Zircon (blue-green), Princess Blu (light blue), Prussian Blue (deep dark blue), Fuchia (pink violet), ca Poppy (golden), Marigold (orange-yellow like the flower), Mandarin (like the tangerine), Crimson, Vermilion (red), Fog, and Black. See photos for colors. Mia Sombrilla now stocks a few earthy colors for Renaissance Fair participants – Prussian Blue, Emerald, Crimson, Vermilion, Forest, and Black. We also have beautiful hand painted parasols that are adorned with butterflies and flowers on solid color background with wood tip/bonnet. Painted parasols background colors available are Off-white, Butter, Honeydew and Princess Blue. The basic cotton canvas parasols with bamboo handle and lock mechanism are handmade by artisans in Thailand, then hand painted, waterproofed, and finished at Mia Sombrilla. The parasols have a 28″ diameter canopy with 28″ long pole. Our parasols have a lovely rope handle for holding or hanging and also have a braided hemp bracelet to keep it tightly closed. All our parasols are sturdy and waterproofed.

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