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Waterproof LED Flyboard Suit

Waterproof LED Flyboard Suit
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Waterproof LED Flyboard Suit

The waterproof LED jumpsuit suit for flyboard, jetpack, skydiving or any other active sport, features a high quality RGB or Digital LED bulbs and bi-flex breathable fabric.
Operated by wireless remote controller, the LED Flyboard outfit is extremely easy to use and maintain during a performance. Shock and water proof, designed for diving, jumping and flying, the LED flyboard costume will serve you just well in conquering the night.

Full color range.
A radio remote controller is supplied with the model to help operate different modes.

Fabric Technology.
Supplex. The LED flyboard costumes are made of a topnotch breathable Korean fabric called Supplex. High durability with no movement constraint and flexebility.

Refined technology.
The program of the watersport LED costume operates independently and doesn’t require any other devices. To switch the mode two small buttons are used, conveniently placed by your hand, you just click up or down to move on to the next or previous mode. Whereas light aviation wires finely soldered into the pattern reduce the weight of the LED suit for flyboarding. System. The LED waterproof costume doesn’t require any special batteries. Contained in a special waterproof bag outside the suit the batteries can be easily replaced if needed even during a long show.

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