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Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Keyboard
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The Schatzii EASY-KEY Folding Waterproof Bluetooth Keyboard enables you to easily type texts and emails onto your mobile phone or tablet using a lightweight and portable folding mini wireless keyboard – and it’s waterproof too!
Works with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or other device.
Save time and eliminate typical touch screen typing errors with the EASY-KEY folding keyboard by Schatzii.

The keyboard is waterproof and spill proof too, and is compact, lightweight and helps eliminate touch key mistakes making data entry a snap. Rid yourself of time-consuming typing errors and use the EASY-KEY keyboard.
Made of waterproof silicone so no problem if you spill something or get the keyboard wet – just wipe dry and type away!
Super portable and easy to carry in your purse, briefcase or laptop bag, and small enough to fit in your pocket!
Works on all IOS or Android Bluetooth enabled devices.

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