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Wearagain Legging

Wearagain Legging
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High waist 7/8 legging w/ patented technology to kill 99.9% of smelly bacteria. Absorbs & utilizes your body heat to evaporate sweat & dry 71% faster*. Designed for hiking, backpacking, sweating, travel – wear 5x w/o washing.

High waist 7/8 legging equipped with patented technology [silver + activated carbon] to keep you cool, dry, and odor-free
Wearagain™ technology uses silver to kill 99.9% of smelly bacteria + fungus
Wear 5x w/o washing
Buttery soft sweatflow™ fabric absorbs your body heat and uses it to swiftly evaporate moisture and eliminate mugginess
Cools your skin + dries 71% faster*
2 Side Pockets | Raw Bottom Hem | 7/8 Length | High Waist

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