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Wellograph Activity Tracker

Wellograph Activity Tracker
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Wellograph Wellness Watch

Wellograph is an activity tracker, a heart rate monitor and a running watch in one that delivers live, insightful information about the wearer’s activity through simple infographic interface.
How It Works

A Tri­-LED Heart Rate Sensor is integrated into a soft spherical surface, which replicates the action of a doctor using his/her fingertip to feel a pulse. This unique hardware design allows for an accurate reading of the heart signals. You can see how your fitness has changed or improved over time.
Sapphire Crystal Display and High Quality Materials

Spherical sapphire crystal for maximum display protection and aesthetic effect. Machined stainless steel upper case optimized for strength and thinness. Nickel-free aluminum lower case with matte finish optimized for lightness and skin contact.
For Running & Workouts

Wellograph is also a full-featured running watch. It functions as a stopwatch while you run showing live stats such as current pace and distance covered. Once you finish the run, it will automatically provide useful summary stats such as top speed achieved and calories burned.
Beautiful, Simple Infographic Interface

Wellograph delivers results as live, insightful information about the wearer’s activity through simple infographic interface rather than rambling digits and numbers. It’s more enjoyable to use this way.
Freedom for All OSes

Wellograph supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The app’s home screen show you a live dashboard. The information is presented as easily-digestible cards. All your runs, stats and workout details are saved.

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