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WEMO Wearable Memo Erasable Slap Bracelet Notepad

WEMO Wearable Memo Erasable Slap Bracelet Notepad
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The WEMO Wearable Memo means you will never be forced to write down a note on your hand ever again – nor will you need to whip out your phone to type a reminder. Just wear this slap bracelet-style notepad and always have a portable memo (literally) on you. Being waterproof and erasable, this is a superbly practical tool that is ideal for various kinds of working scenarios, particularly nursing staff or people outdoors. There are four colors, each with a varying background design: the blue version has lines; the beige has rulers and grid dots; the white is plain with a rule along one side; and the green has white grid dots.

The WEMO Wearable Memo features:

Color: green, white, blue, beige
Slap bracelet
Erasable (use oil-based pens)
Recommended pen size: 0.7mm
Erasability may diminish if notes left on memo for long
Do not use with pencil or water-based pen
Materials: silicone
Instructions: Japanese

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