Weped Pro R Electric Racing Scooter

Weped Pro R Electric Racing Scooter
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Looking for lightweight racing equipment? Welcome to the world of scooter racing with the Weped Pro R electric racing scooter. This innovative scooter is packed with innovation and technology. It gives the users a perfect blend of the racing experience without the bulk of a heavy machine.

What makes Weped Pro R one of the best racing scooters on the market?

  1. This scooter has a top speed of 73 km per hour.
  2. A four-drive mode setting that is compatible with iOS and Android platforms.
  3. Powerful headlights which are mounted at the top. It is powered by the primary battery. It has LED tail lights as well.
  4. A regulator for electronic performance which aids in legal street racing. This can be easily adjusted.
  5. The hydraulic disc brakes, as well as the front and rear power disconnect feature, makes it very safe to ride. The safety switch, which is a double power, also adds to its overall safety.
  6. The scooter also features a mobile phone holder for easy access and convenience.
  7. The scooter weighs 39 kg and has a deck which is 584 mm in length and 240 mm in width

The energy recovery system works on both the downhill and breaking mechanisms.

Details of the driving are displayed on the phone app that runs on GPS datalog. Currently, this feature is available only on iOS. Android compatibility is still under development. This app also monitors all the connections, which keeps the rider updated to connection errors if any.

It is powered by a 58.8V/27.5A lithium-ion battery from Samsung, which is a premium battery management system. It is rechargeable. The premium charger is provided along with the scooter on purchase.

The chassis is made of full safety aluminum. The tires are equipped with puncture resistant sealant. It can be locked with a physical key when not in use. It can also be locked with a password through the iOS mobile app.

Weped Pro R electric racing scooter is a very fast and reliable scooter that will help you squeeze through city traffic and get you to your destination fast. The cool features like energy recovering system, or connected mobile app will ease your daily use of this scooter. If you are looking for a sturdy regular electric scooter for day to day use, the Gotrax GXL scooter is the perfect choice for you.

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