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Whirly Board with Skateboard Style Grip Tape

Whirly Board with Skateboard Style Grip Tape
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The Whirly Board is a dynamic balance and agility training tool that allows you to have fun while improving your abilities in your home or office. This board is guaranteed to challenge and help board riders of any skill level and is also a useful training tool for athlete of any sport. It is the only balance board that encourages rotational motion which improves spatial awareness and comfort with spinning as well as quickness and agility. It provides unlimited progression potential because there is no limit to how far you can spin! This board will make you a better athlete no matter what your sport of choice. A must have for board sport enthusiasts.

Each board is hand assembled with care, quality is a top priority, and we truly believe and follow the standard: If its not perfect, its not a Whirly Board!

Improve core strength, balance, and agility while having fun
Challenging balance board to help athletes improve center of balance and quickness on their feet
Teaches key skills that improve performance for all board sports and more
Spinning balance board improves spatial awareness and proper mechanics of spins

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