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White and Gold Papertrophy unicorn

White and Gold Papertrophy unicorn
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We have always believed in them: Of course there are unicorns. After all, we see them every day. Of course, in white, with a golden horn. And we also believe that this elegant paper specimen in low poly design would make a really nice animal trophy on your wall. This white-gold unicorn wall trophy measures a total of 61x 17x 37 cm. This stylish mythical creature is elegant and impressive in white and gold. The best part: In contrast to standard arts and crafts sheets, you can start assembly immediately – we deliver the unicorn in pre-creased and pre-cut pieces in white and gold.

The logical numbering of the individual pieces made from high-quality FSC-certified paper means that you really don’t need to be an origami artist to easily assemble your white and gold unicorn wall trophy. So that you enjoy using your paper art for a very long time, we place our trust in our own Papertrophy glue. So that everything holds together just as long as the rumours have been around that there are allegedly no unicorns. The Papertrophy paper glue is not part of this paper animal and must be ordered in addition to the paper animal.

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