Wholesale Feathers 100 Pieces Colorful Short Rooster Hair

Wholesale Feathers 100 Pieces  Colorful Short Rooster Hair
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This listing is for 100 pieces of premium quality genetic rooster hair extension feathers. Feathers range from 3-6 inches. Sometimes longer. They are a mixture of thick feathers that may have fluff on the top of the strand. These feathers are unique breed of usa which was originally used for fly tying. You will get a colorful mix of feathers in solid and grizzly pattern in some of these colors (sorry no custom color pick for this pack) kingfisher blue pink natural green gold yellow purple magenta lavender cantaloupe tiffany blue black red royal blue peacock green lime mint green ivory and so much more! These feathers are very long and soft which makes them ideal as hair extension feathers and pet fur extension! They are extremely unique and beautiful, other uses of these rooster feathers include jewelry making, arts and crafts, and party decorations and fly tying. Feathers vary widely in shape and size and all feathers are unique. These feathers can be wash, curl and dry just like your hair! Some ends might not be perfect but you can easily trim it with scissor. Wholesale and bulk purchase of these rooster hair extension feathers are available. In stock and available for immediate shipment upon purchase. Thanks for looking.

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