Wifi table tent card / Instant Download / EDIT YOURSELF

Wifi table tent card / Instant Download / EDIT YOURSELF
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This listing is for a high resolution of an instant download file that you can edit yourself and print at home or at your local print shop. The design is a table tent sign, size 3.5″x2″ that will let your guests know your wifi network name and password. The instant download is a letter size sheet (8.5″x11″) with four wifi information tent cards. When opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader you will be able to enter your network information. All of them will populate the same information automatically when you edit one of them. Please read below for additional information. We recommend printing the design on heavy cardstock. – This is a digital file. n o p h y s i c a l i t e m w i l l b e s h i p p e d . – w h a t s i n c l u d e d: – One editable pdf file, size 8.5″ x 11″ with four wifi card design as pictured in sample photo #2. – h o w i t w o r k s: – Complete the checkout and download the files. – Open the files on Adobe Acrobat Reader. Free Download at – Highlight the generic network and password and enter yours. The type has been set to adjust the size according to the length of your entry. – Print at home or at your local print shop using heavy cardstock. – i m p o r t a n t n o t e s: – Only the network name and password field are editable on this design. – You will not be able to edit the font size or color. – Before completing checkout, please contact me with any question or custom request. – If you purchase this listing and have any technical difficulty editing the file, please contact me and i will gladly assist you with any situation. – Please keep in mind that slight color variations can occur due to variances of computer screens and printers. Contact us with any questions, requests, or comments regarding this item.

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