Wild Amimal Bones by the POUND Cleaned/Sanitized for

Wild Amimal Bones by the POUND Cleaned/Sanitized for
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This listing: Choose “quantity” based on how many pounds you want to purchase Then use the drop down menu to give me a basic idea what you hope to get (size/type/purpose) – and please feel free to message me as part of the order process – after you order i will take a photo of a proposed grouping for you – so please keep checking your messages – Once you ok the group, we will pack/ship 🙂 These are not “small animal bones” – They are the random bones we find while hiking – mostly elk and bison – fairly large animals with mostly fairly large bones. People use these clean/sanitized wild animal bones for lots of Craft/Art projects — you can use them as the “bones” inside your sculptures to create other creatures by adding your own sculpting clay/polymer… cut them into slices or use whole in jewelry or Celtic/Native American Ceremonial Pieces… use them in Halloween decorations or costumes — Game of Thrones, Renaissance Festival, Walking Dead, Wasteland Weekend, Pirate, Witch, VoodDoo Man, or Mountain Man costumes… cleaned thoroughly. We find these bones and skulls in the mountains of ne New Mexico…

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