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WindChaser Land Sailor

WindChaser Land Sailor
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This is a three-wheeled craft that harnesses the wind’s power for speeds up to 25 mph, enabling rank amateurs to sail effortlessly across any open, flat surface without the need for prior sailing experience.

The craft quickly breaks down into four 4 foot long bags that easily fit into a car’s trunk for convenient transport.

The 35.5 square foot sail is made of Dacron – the same material used by nautical vessels – slips over the mast, attaching to the boom for quick, easy set up. The sail is reinforced with two fiberglass battens that keep it taut during gusts for consistent, powered gliding.

Equipped with three corrosion-resistant wheels with nylon rims and stainless steel bearings, your feet steer the craft by guiding the 12″ front wheel, keeping your hands free to manage the sail and operate the hand brake.

The molded ABS/polyurethane plastic body and seat are secured to the powder-coated steel frame with sturdy clevis pins; includes safety harness.

The 20″ rear wheels are cambered for stability. Braking is provided by a hand lever that provides even stops with no tipping.

Supports riders up to 225 lbs. Ages 12 and up.

59″ L x 66″ W x 13′ 8″ H. (54 lbs.)

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