Wine Time Machine by Fathom Cellars

Wine Time Machine by Fathom Cellars
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With fine wines, bottle-aging naturally matures flavors over 4-10 years, but through the Fathom process, wine ages approximately ten times faster. In the US, it started in 2013 when a renowned Napa winery aged 4 cases of wine 3 months undersea at a depth of 50′ . Their winemaker felt it had matured very quickly, turning a 2009 Cabernet into a 2007. They wanted more feedback, so they took the wine on a seven city, seven day tour across the US. They held blind taste tests with enthusiasts and after trying the wine aged underwater and the same vintage aged traditionally, among more than 120 people nearly 100 percent noted a difference. Normally $50, the undersea Cabernet sold out at $500 per bottle.

Unfortunately for that winery, the TTB and FDA banned underwater cellaring in the USA due to possible biological and chemical contamination. Fortunately for you, we’ve developed a process on land that replicates the conditions of their undersea experiment without those risks to the wine.

We’ve successfully completed experimental testing on several vintages, and we’re aiming to expand into a larger space with commercial cellar equipment that can accommodate over 100 case batches. When you contribute at “The Process” level or higher, we’ll process your bottle(s) and give you an unparalleled insight into the aging potential of your wine!

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