Wino Sippo Glasses

Wino Sippo Glasses
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Sip into something more comfortable and say goodbye to the nightmare of the traditional, unintuitive, fragile-stemmed wine glass. After your first tender gulp from a Wino Sippo, you won’t ever settle for a regular glass again. They say the best inventions are always simple – take the standard bowl of a wine glass, and twist its stem. Voil, you have a classy tumbler with an elegant built-in glass straw, suitable even for the clumsiest. Each one of these glasses (you get two in the pack, might we add) fits snugly in the palm of your hand, so no more awkward gripping or fragile stemware breaking! Place them down on any flat surface and their special stabilisers and low centre of gravity will keep them around 3,600 times more stable than the tall, lanky, traditional equivalent. And we’ve not even mentioned the best bit yet – the built-in straw means xxl sips of wine! Is there anything these glasses can’t do?! (We’ve checked, there isn’t.)

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