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Winter Solstice Solar Jacket

Winter Solstice Solar Jacket
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The Winter Solstice has a fully water repellent exterior with a soft quilted, water resistant lining and detachable hood. Our solar charger is completely detachable and flexible, making it ergonomically seamless. Our 4400 MAH battery pack has enough power to fully charge any phone or usb device with battery to spare, for example and iPhone 6s plus has a 2915 MAH battery. The interior of the jacket|backpack has 3 primary pockets.

The middle and main pocket is the largest of the 3 pockets and is capable of holding up to a full sized 15 inch MacBook pro or other laptop. The two remaining pockets are on each side and are capable of holding any size phone and mid-sized tablets. The left inside pocket has a covered entrance for the charger’s cord to connect and charge your phone or battery safely within your inside pocket. In backpack mode, the entire bottom of the jacket can be zipped to make your inside pockets not the only storage space available, the entire jacket itself becomes one big pocket fit for your daily outdoor needs.

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