Women’s Only UBER

Women’s Only UBER
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Movven is UBER with EXCLUSIVITY! Women (with or without children) are our exclusive clientele and we exclusively hire women drivers.

The driving force to create Movven was the desire to ensure that women, their children, and teenage female riders were being treated with respect and dignity while traveling via taxis or ride share programs.

This is an issue that has not always been addressed in a manner equal to its significance.

For every woman, entering a car, with an unknown person at the wheel is an unspoken risk. We want to remove that concern for all women. We want to offer the same transportation service but with care and attention to security, job creation, scheduling, lower fares, higher wages for drivers and respect for everyone in the car, passenger(s) and driver, alike.

How Does It Work?
We have developed an APP system, similar in function to our competition that is user friendly and easily marketable.

Once a passenger logs into the app, they can follow the prompts and either schedule a ride for a future time or ask for a real-time pick up from the location of their choosing.

Like other Ride-Share models we offer payment processing via the APP and GPS locators to make the transaction smooth and effortless.

Where we differ, most is the experience and security that you feel once in the car and the increase in income that is earned by our all-female team of drivers.

Use of Funds:
License and Permits

Time Table: Within 2 weeks of receiving funds

Features of Movven

Safety is our number one priority. I know firsthand the vulnerabilities that we face when riding with someone whose intentions are unknown and who can place us in situations that make us feel uncomfortable.

This is one of the reasons why having all female drivers help to ease the mind and comfort level of our passengers. Ease and comfort are also key elements in enjoying the ride with Movven. Our aim is to alleviate all anxiety related to getting where you need to go. All of our drivers will be vetted and will have the needed requirements to be on the road in their territories.

We want women to feel safe. Not threatened, not harassed, not worried about rape or robbery or anything other than peacefully getting from point A to Point B, without any incident or unnecessary comments. We want women to experience a level of comfort and security that a lady traveling alone or with her children will feel and notice the difference after the first ride. We want a mom to feel safe when having her children picked up.

We want women to feel respected in our care. We want every lady, regardless of her job or income level to think of Movven when she must go to work early in the morning, late at night or at any time
she needs a ride.

This is why we are Movven!
Women Empowerment – There is no limit to your earning potential. If you have a car and need to make money, we are providing high paying low stress job opportunities that provide flexible schedules and a work environment where every woman will feel welcomed and supported.

Single moms, working mothers, retirees, students and professionals, anyone needing to make money whether part time or fulltime, we are hiring.

By providing rides to women and those with children, every driver will become a major asset to their community providing a relaxing atmosphere of trust and familiarity that will only increase as they drive for Movven.

Benefits Higher Paying Jobs for Women – Unlike our competition, we will receive 10% commission on all rides, so 90% goes to our drivers rather than 75%. Increasing their income by 15 %.

Better Rates Per Ride – Affordability adds up. By saving money per ride, you can afford to ride more or simply save more.

Jobs with Flexible Schedules – Having a schedule that works around your needs and the needs of your family is priceless. Not worrying about job loss due to illness, personal or family matters, is a load off of one’s shoulders.

Knowing that you can handles the details of your life without jeopardizing your income is a real blessing. Plus, you get to decide your salary.

Drive based on your financial goals. If you are well rested, and in compliance with our drive-time safety schedule, you determine
your own paycheck.

Scheduled Pickups – Get to know your driver and drivers get to know their passengers.

If you’re going to the same place every day and need a ride, schedule it in advance.

Occasional trip and appointments, schedule your ride and have the added confidence of not having to hope that a taxi will be available. No worries of being late.

Better Customer Service – We are here to listen to your needs. We will offer live support and not just an endless loop of robotic answering machines and no reply email responses. We are accessible to

Technical Support – We have specific functions designed to assist both our clients and our drivers by adding new security measures for increased privacy included in our App.

The driver only has the information needed to pick you up and deliver you safely to your destination.

There will not be any additional interactions or unnecessary communications from driver to rider.

If there is a need for
interaction our customer support team is available to all. Phone numbers and other private information will not be visually available to the drivers.

Anti-Discrimination Policy- Movven does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, or
orientation in any of its activities or operations.

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