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Wood Chair by Marc Newson

Wood Chair by Marc Newson
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Design Marc Newson, 1992
Natural beech heartwood, oil-finished
Made in Italy by Cappellini

Wooden chair is a small armchair that can provide a seating element or sculptural art piece to any space. The beautiful flowing lines of the bent wood allow your curiosity to run wild, questioning the very sturdiness of the piece. Don’t be fooled by the thin lines, the natural beech heartwood provides all the support necessary to stay and lounge for a while.

Marc Newson is one of the most accomplished and influential designers of his generation. At a young age he has already worked across a wide range of disciplines to create everything from chairs, household objects, bicycles, concept cars to restaurants, a recording studio and interiors of jets, for clients all over the world.

40.5″ w | 32.25″ d | 27.5″ h | seat: 14″ h

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