Wood Wall Art Extra Large Wall Art 3D Wall Art 48×72

Wood Wall Art  Extra Large Wall Art  3D Wall Art  48×72
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Made to order or customize this look: Modern meets rustic in this dramatic artwork. Rich with color and depth in a big way – 48 x 72 big. This artwork would be the center of attention in any space. Wood strips were cut at random depths, widths and lengths to create amazing dimension in this piece. Each piece of wood was individually cut and painted with acrylic before being placed into the design. The main colors are neutrals, blues, greens and natural wood. These colors an be customized to perfectly compliment the decor in your home. Two 48×36 panels are hung side by side to create the appearance of one massive piece. The two panels could also be hung with space between, if desired. The frame is built under the artwork and is level with the backing, allowing the artwork to extend all the way to the edge. This creates a very modern look and gives the artwork a nice “lift” from the wall.

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